About me

Just me

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Matthijs, a 30-something dude from the Netherlands. During the day, I am a fulltime software engineer and a father of 3 wonderful kids. But after hours, I turn into an amateur electronics / robotics enthusiast.

It all started about a year ago, when I got a Raspberry Pi with an electronics starter kit for Christmas. Without any prior experience, I started teaching myself electronics by exploring online resources. On the first day, I was just fascinated to use a computer program to blink a LED or beep a buzzer. The next day, I created an elementary reaction game. During the weeks that followed, it turned into a full-blown game console with LCD, RGB LED array, custom crafted action buttons, scorekeeping, player profiles, hosted leader board, the works. It was fun.

Now, it is time for something else. I want to make something that is impressive, inspirational, educational and entertaining all at once. Something that appeals to kids, but will also impress their parents. Something that will stimulate creativity, and demonstrate that anyone can make whatever they can imagine. Something that may help kids to be prepared for the dawn of a new era, filled with yet unimaginable tech and opportunities.

This is for my kids. This is for their future. The future is now.

– Matthijs, January 2016