The fine print


This is a personal hobby project, not affiliated to any corporation, institution or government. All materials and services used are arranged and/or provided by me.


I am actually dreaming, building and programming this robot. I am also the main author and admin of this website. All content is original and protected by copyright law. Please do not copy my texts, pictures or videos without my knowledge.


I am not an expert in electronics or robotics*. I am not proficient in any crafts. I collect knowledge and experience slowly, by browsing the net and trying things out in my spare time. Whatever I publish is based on actual experience, but don’t take my word for it. Some things I do may be dangerous (even without me realizing it), some things may have succeeded by happenstance rather than by design. Please do not imitate me blindly, but rather use your good senses when judging my doings. Whenever in doubt, get a second opinion. If you learn something new, I am keen on learning it as well!

*Although my job as a software engineer does help with getting around in Linux & Python


I do not have access to a workshop or fancy equipment. I do not have access to a warehouse full of robot components. I do not even live close to an electronics hobby store. I will have to make do with my regular tools, some basic electronics supplies, and some money to spare on buying dedicated parts online to build a low-cost amateur robot.