Parts list

Prices / suppliers based on current availability in NL (January 2016)

Robot base


Description Price Source
GoPiGo base kit 75,95 SOS Solutions  currently on backorder
8x AA battery (rechargeable) 7,98 IKEA
Raspberry Pi B+ 29,95 Kiwi Electronics *see note 1
8GB SD card with NOOBS 8,95 SOS Solutions
WiFi dongle 300Mbps 11,77 Mijn *see note 2

Note 1: I already owned this B+ before the 3B existed… if I were choosing today, I would rather take the beefy quad-core for those 15 extra euros, and then forget about the WiFi dongle…

Note 2: This particular link is only included to specify the one that I have (bought somewhere else for less, but that is not available anymore). For the all-new RPi 3, a WiFi dongle is no longer needed.

(you will also need:

  • a LAN cable to set up the RPi WiFi
  • a charger for the batteries
  • a 5V / 2A microUSB adapter to power the RPi while developing…

…I’m not counting those as parts or cost for the robot since your household probably has these items anyway, and they are not ‘used up’)


Custom components


Description Price Source
Grove Ultrasonic Ranger 19,95 SOS Solutions *see note 3
Raspberry Pi Camera 24,95 Kiwi Electronics
Pan/tilt mechanism 4,45 Hobby Electronica
2x TowerPro SG-90 micro servo 6,70 Hobby Electronica
WS2801 RGB LEDs (7 pcs cut from a strip) 4,36 Kiwi Electronics *see note 4
Adafruit “absolute orientation sensor” BNO055 breakout 37,95 Kiwi Electronics
Buzzer 0,35 Hobby Electronica

Note 3: In retrospect, this feels like a rip-off when I see generic equivalents for a few euros… the Grove branding does something to the margins I guess.
Note 4: This can only be bought per unit of 1m (32 pcs), the cost is calculated for 7/32th part of that.


Assorted hardware


Description Price Source
Pin header 2×13 (for breaking out the GPIO) 1,00 Kiwi Electronics
Female/female jumpers on a ribbon (to connect peripherals) 3,00 Kiwi Electronics only half is used
Flex cable 30cm (for the RPi camera) 2,95 Kiwi Electronics
Wire (to connect bits of LED strip) neg *see note 6
Heat shrink (protect custom connectors for servos & orientation sensor) neg Kiwi Electronics *see note 6
Bits of male pin header (to create custom connector for servos) neg Kiwi Electronics *see note 6
4x pingpong ball (to cover the LEDs) ? these were a gift
Leftover bit of flexible drain pipe (bumper) 0,00 salvaged from trash
Sturdy plastic cutouts from toy wrappings (back shield) 0,00 salvaged from trash

Note 6: Assumed availability for electronics geek, only little bits are used up, all the “neg” cost together probably amounts to less than half a euro.


Total cost

  • All the subtotals add up to a grand total of 239,91, excluding shipping.
  • If you already had the RPi stuff lying about anyway (board + memory + wifi + camera), you can deduct ~75 euros from the total.
  • If you order everything online and combine orders where possible, the shipping cost would amount to an extra ~20 euros.