Comparing Zeroes

The latest addition to the Raspberry Pi product family just arrived at my front door, so here we go with the obligatory side-by-side picture!

Comparing Zeroes: The new W spec is below the previous 1.3 model

As you can see, all the external connectors are still in exactly the same place, as are the mounting holes and the memory slot. The extra space that was needed for the wireless circuitry is obtained by squeezing the processor as far left as it would go, and also the power circuitry moved a few millimeters to the right. Furthermore, an important visual element was removed, making this the first RPi board that does not prominently feature the Raspberry logo on the front (it can only be found at the back now). I’m not exactly sure why the “HDMI” logo had to move to the back as well. It might have something to do with the intricate design of the antenna unit, but that is just speculation from my side.

Can’t wait to start a new project with this nifty little gadget! Watch this space 😉

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