Inspiration – RS4 self-balancing image processing robot

RS4 РSelf-balancing image processing robot 

Created and programmed by Samuel Matos


This is a really cool DIY robot pet that has a lot of hardware in common with FRAC: it’s also controlled by Raspberry Pi and it has an almost identical head setup. The main difference is in the body, RS4 is standing straight up on its two wheels, constantly keeping balance thanks to the gyroscope. The computer vision on this project is really impressive; Matos used OpenCV to implement visual instructions and object tracking. He offers several demo videos that really show off his project very well, and offers a lot of maker info as well.¬†Check out the RS4 project and be inspired!

One thought on “Inspiration – RS4 self-balancing image processing robot

  1. Very nice….
    Please send me …!
    Full program of this robot…
    I am studying Engineering

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