Video – RGB LEDs demo time!

OK, so here goes my first ever video blog! Some things can only be shown by… well, actually showing them. No amount of pictures or written text could express what this video does. Please be plentiful with your positive reinforcing comments, as I am still quite shy and insecure about my vlogging skills.

PS. The instructional mentioned in the video is not yet available, but will appear on this blog in the near future. Will keep you posted!

4 thoughts on “Video – RGB LEDs demo time!

  1. Wow! Great vlog! And now I know where I can find MY pingpong balls. Amazing job, Mike! Keep up the good work!

    • Of course, I forgot to mention that the pingpong balls were graciously provided by my lovely wife. Thanks, dear!

    • Although you could certainly make some cool effects with that, I would personally feel a bit squeamish about having a bunch of razorblades hovering autonomously above a group of party people 😉

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