Welcome cyber traveler! You have entered the realm of Project FRAC: a DIY robotics hobby project. This site chronicles the journey of an electronics amateur who is building a pet robot from scratch, plus associated topics like electronics, embedded computing and maker culture.

FRAC prototype 1This project aims to popularize (amateur) robotics by showing that entry-level resources and materials are available and affordable to anyone. A secondary aim is just to showcase this cool little hobby and get feedback from and engagement with the community: your ideas, experiences and reactions are much appreciated!

Allow us to offer some pointers in navigating the site. Directly above this note, you can find a tabbed menu with some structured information:

  • Home leads to this very journal feed. The journal posts are chronologically ordered and contain random blurbs mixed in with some properly interesting long reads. They are categorized in a manner that makes them slightly more accessible using the navigation panel on the right. (If you are new here, the Blog category would be a good place to get acquainted with the project).
  • Resources contains some links to gear and learning sources that could be useful to fellow amateur roboteers (such as yourself?).
  • The About section contains some info about the robot’s parts, about the author/maker and about this project.

Obviously, the website structure is still work in progress as much as the robot itself. There is a permanent conflict of interest between actually working on the project and sharing it with the world (not to mention real life). But remember the age-old adagium:

“What we lack in professionality, we compensate with personality!” 😉


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