Raspberry Pi Zero: 5 Original Project Ideas

(The third part of a running mini-series about the Raspberry Pi Zero, the second part is here).

In my last post about the Raspberry Pi Zero, I promised to give some ideas for projects that would be well-suited to implement with our favorite little hobby SBC. Through logical reasoning, we determined that the qualities to look out for are “battery-powered, space-confined, camera-connected, slighty complex but not too performance-critical projects that could not be served by JustAnotherApp on your phone”. In order to keep this post short (and worth your read), I’m going to limit the list to the 5 project ideas that I think are most exciting and at least reasonably original (so, everything on this list is off-limits), and that I might actually consider doing myself. So, without further ado, some of my best ideas: read more...

Camera? OK!


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Finally, I took some time to connect the camera! This required almost complete deconstruction, since the Raspberry Pi had to be dislodged in order to access the CSI to insert the new, longer, camera ribbon. Also, the camera unit needed to be turned 90 degrees to let the cable stick out the side of the robot’s head, so the head was disassembled as well. Anyway, here’s to the first time that FRAC is looking at itself! I have a feeling this might come in handy somehow…. read more...



This just goes to show how inexperienced I really am: during the weekend I was struggling with my too-short Raspberry Pi camera cable…